No Smoking Day
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That's 2 months ago I stopped smoking

If you knew me you'd laugh so much. I used to smoke 40 Lambert and Butler a day, well at least buy 40 a day. Usually smoked around just over 30 as I always had about 6 left in the last packet on the way to work the next day.

And so tomorrow is day 1 of month 2. There have been some real moments when I would have loved a fag during this, and especially now as I fear my relationship is about to end. I've also had a tyre blow out at 70mph on the motorway last month and sitting up on the hill at the side of the M25 was tuff!

Glad I stumbled across this site as I need the odd kick up the backside now to keep stopped. It is my other half that got me to stop and maybe she won't be my other half this time next month (long story), but in my heart of hearts I want to stay stopped.


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From Gary to Garry, welcome to the forum :)

I'm a little confused by your thread title and thread content. :confused:

Is it 2 months ago you stopped smoking or is it Day 1 of month 2?

I've just started my 7th week after going cold turkey and this forum has been a great help.

Enjoy! :D


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