No Smoking Day
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Day 9 has been hard for me

my 9th day almost ending...thank-god,

wanted a cig from opening my eyes, 1st day that ive felt like this,

sure they will be a lot more days like this to come,

I'm not going to cave in, i won't let myself........... just keep thinking of how

ill i felt 2 weeks ago and i never want to feel like that again......

nite nite, better day 2morrow i hope, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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hope you feel better today. Glad you got through it :D


what a bad day - but its gone now :o , glad you got through it and hope today is so much sunnier for you.

our brains will try to play us , accepting this i think is a big deal, getting into fights with yourself can be very draining.

well done :D


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