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:) day 28 happy day

Good evening all an nearly their to one month. Today has been a lovely day out in the fresh air have been planting foxgloves with my voluntary friends had so much energy and good company lots of laughter. And when i came home my OH was spring cleaning which was great hes even cleaned the bathroom and the ceiling which looks as white as snow and everywhere smells clean and fresh. So i decided to clean the spare room where i have my craft table where i make my own greeting cards. Cleaned windowsill and all around. Im trully exhausted now. But well worth it. And not one fag has been lit. Hope everyone is doing well on their quit. Jacqui. Quit date: 10.2.12.

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That sounds like a fantastic day. Lucky you. Quite jealous.

I am going out tomorrow with my brothers on a days fly fishing and pub lunch. Looking forward to the fresh air without having to pollute myself ever hour or so. Life has got so much better since stopping the evil weed


:) Hi Aitch, Thanks for your reply. I hope you have a great day, fresh air is the best thing, and as you say we don't have to light up anymore enjoy your day.


Quit Date: 10.2.12

2mg Loz as & when needed. And xtra strong mits.


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