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Day 1 of Quit

Hello All.

Just thought I'd post to let you guys know that I finally decided to kick the habit today.

So far so good. No cravings. I am going to overcome this because I know how bad smoking is for your health.

We can do this by staying focus. Good luck to all of those who are quitting today.

Smoked since: September 2003 for 8.5 years (Average 7 a day)

Last cigarette: 7th March 2012 at 10.30am

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Hey I support you all the way kiddo! We all have had to start on DAY 1!

If you have a spasm, take a lozenge or do the patch! I am on DAY 58.

I started just like you did...1 foot in front of the other!

Hollar anytime! This is a great place for help or comments!!! :D


Bluetree is right, we all start on day one so we all know how it feels. Every day you go it just makes you more enthusiastic and spurs you on and I've done 6 weeks now and it hasn't been such a struggle as the nhs make out on their adverts and stuff!! If you really don't want to be a smoker, and expect the cravings and bad days to come, then nothing will knock you down.

I was a heavier smoker than you, I was about 15 a day. Some days probably nearer 20 and on holiday I could chain smoke between 30 and 40 a day. Really bad for health and quite a heavy smoker for a 23 yearold I thought!! So this was why I thought enough was enough.

Good luck in your quit and we're all here to support you along the way and most importantly, to let you know on bad days that we've all been there and it will pass :)


Hi Sman welcome to the forum and congrats on day one. Have a rant on here when need be because it helps everyone is very supportive on here. So all the best on your quit. Jacqui. Quit date: 10.2.12


hi sman , and i hope everythings going well for you :)

im just ahead of you on day 2, :)


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