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Hi, This is my 5th day of being a non-smoker. This is first time I have ever attempted giving up, but feel the time has now come that I need to give my body a rest from 20 a day for the last 20 years. Although I've not attempted it before I obviously know how difficult it is! So I'm thinking I need to get all the support I can - hence joining this forum. Would be interested to hear from any one else around day 5 or anyone who has any tips for keeping on track!

X :)

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Well done for deciding to quit, 5 days is good going, your well on your does get better and easier.have a read through previous day 5 posts you might find them helpful and relevant to you. all the best Mash x:cool:


Well done on quitting it will be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

As Mash said read all you can knowledge is good, I recommend Allen Carr, and this forum, don't be afraid to ask anything as someone will answer.

Best wishes.:)


Thank you both very much Mash and Betty Boop for your encouragement and tips. I will definitely look at those links you sent. So far Ive not been too bad but I think that's due to me not being able to go out at moment so I literally cannot buy any ciggs. I just hope I don't blow it all when I'm up and about again ! :)


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