No Smoking Day
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Will Friday ever come??

Hey everyone,

All is well here, hopefully can get back a bit more involved in helping others out soon, just this darn finals week to get through! Had to make a presentation today and had two final exams, so very stressful! Presentation seemed to go well, one final was fine, and in the final for assessment skills I got 100% :D

Tomorrow I have pathophysiology, which I enjoy but is a lot to figure out, then Friday is theory which I hate!

OH had to go away today until Monday, so not good timing with me having finals, luckily my 3 stepkids mom agreed she would watch them (crazy huh, convincing a mother to watch her own children rather than the stepmom!) so I can get through finals with just my biokid here.

Have really not even thought about smoking for days! I truly does get easier!

Next week is spring break, I plan on relaxing, have my cervical spine MRI on Tuesday, but want to get the house as packed up ready to move as possible (dodgy arm and shoulder allowing!).

Oh, one other positive - it was 70 degrees out! This winter has just not arrived here, only had a couple of days of snow, usually do not see grass for months, I love it!

Hope everyone is doing well on their quits.

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So glad to here your sounding so positive especially with everything going on in your life atm :eek:

it wore me out just reading it :o

hope the rest of the week soon passes so you can relax over the weekend :cool:

take care of yourself




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