Day 21 tomorrow moving on up

Had a great day today, first birthday for 29 years without a fag, no cravings no sickness no headache, moving on to superhero status.

Do I go into week 4 forum tomorrow?

I feel free, it sounds strange but I was the prisoner by the gates in the rain three or four times a day, watching some colleagues as I left work today having their fag after a meeting instead of going straight home and felt glad that it wasn't me anymore and won't be again.:)

After week three statistically there's a much higher chance I will remain a non smoker chuffed chuffed chuffed

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    Your doing so well :)

  • Happy birthday to you!!

    I too am looking forward to my first birthday without smoking - mine is tomorow!


  • well done Jonboy, yesterday was my first birthday without a ciggie in many years.:D

    you do go into week 4 tomorrow.....enjoy

  • Smokefree birthdays best prezzie ever


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