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Shock to the System

Hey folks,

As of 10 o'clock tonight, I will have been completely nicotine free for an entire month - cannot actually believe how fast its passed.

And last night something happened that completely reinforced my reasons for stopping. My OH's aunt (she's only 50) had an anneurysm in the brain and they are all currently at the hospital switching off her life support to allow her to die. One of the main causes of anneuryms is smoking - she smoked 20 a day!!

My OH said this morning "we all think we're indestructable, until something like this happens, dont we??"

This is so true, especially smokers. We all know that 1 in every 2 smokers die from a smoking related illness but our addiction makes us convince ourselves it wont happen to us!!

So for anyone doubting their reasons for quitting.....please dont, you really are choosing between life and death.

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I am sorry to hear your news but it is certainly true that we are deciding between life and death. I wish you and your OH all the best.


WOW That is so very true!

Hopefully now that Ive quit I will be around to see my children grow up, to see them get married and to see my grandchildren one day!!!:)so exciting


Sorry to hear about your O/H's Aunt, my thoughts are with her and her nearest and dearest.

The reason I've been happy to help out here for so long is that I honestly believe that this place can make such a positive difference to people's lives.

As you say the choices people make really can be life and death ones.


Thanks guys,

I didnt know her too well myself, I just need to support my OH as he was close to her.

I posted it to highlight the fact that as smokers we completely train our brain to ignore the dangers of smoking -we know what it does but it just doesnt register cause of our addiction!! Its only now Ive stopped I can see how stupid ive been to ignore all these health risks.

The scary thing is all my OH's family, mum, aunts, uncles, gran....they all smoke and I bet none of them think to stop after this happening. In actual fact they'll all smoke twice as much during this tough time even though it was highly likely smoking was the very cause of the tradegy!! Wheres the logic in that??


50% of smokers will die as a result of their habit.

Every day we smoked and didn't die or get diagnosed as having a life-threatening disease simply reinforced the idea that we were immune to it.

The longer we smoked and didn't die the longer we could smoke.

I knew someone who smoked 40 woodbine's a day and died peacefully and cough-free at 83.

... and broken biscuits have no calories.

We can convince ourselves of whatever we wish.

Our subconscious is a fabulous bit of kit. :(


My OH said this morning "we all think we're indestructable, until something like this happens, dont we??"

Isn't that the truth

Congratulations on your month smoke free and sorry to hear about the loss of your oh's aunt at such a young age


This is the thing Austin, we all focus on Grandpa Joe who smoked 60 a day at lived until 102, but become completely oblivious to uncle bob, aunt anne, grandma Sue, grandad dave and all the rest who all died of lung cancer, COPD, heart disease or had to get their leg amputated because of smoking!

And Sparky it is soo true, it really hit home when he said it, he doesnt normally come away with things like that - maybe it will hit home and he'll attempt to give up smoking himself!!


Hi Red

Thats a real shame - sorry to hear about that - my cousin had this (a smoker) and though she was ok - was in hospital for a long time and she still suffers (and smokes) but as we know ourselfs until it clicks we dont stop no matter what.

Well done getting to one month - am nearly at the month too - cant believe it!



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