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Day 26

Hi all, Been a pretty good day today, had my hair coloured to hide all my grey bits. Visited my best friend and had a laugh or two.Had some baked beans on Toast, and by the time I came home to OH he had to suffer my wind experience.

But had a laugh which I suppose is pretty good.

Still no fags have been lit, so very pleased with that.

Hope everyone is doing well with their quit.


Quit Date: 10.2.12:D

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now day 27!!

Sounds like a great day Jaqcui!! You have given me a notion for beans on toast now!! Thats us now day 27 - nearly at the month!!!



Hi Mandy yes cant wait to reach one month at least we are nearly their. We can celebrate together. Jacqui. X


Congratualtions you guys!!

And Jacqui, good to hear you're having a good day for a change.


oh yes we can so celebrate - never thought I would see the day!! stressful day for me today - arrived home with my girls to see my husband running around outside frantically - our parrot milly had flown away!!! few hours of searching and tears later through the powers of facebook turns out a friend of a friend of a friends little brother has found her being attacked by crows and picked her up and took her home!! Now we have to go to the animal rescue place to collect her tomorrow morning - so lucky as thought we had no chance of getting her back!!!

Anyway very stressful evening when I would normally reach for the cigs or really want one - actually didnt tonight which is good for me as a bad day is normally when I feel it most!


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