No Smoking Day
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Day 19 because northern lads love meat pies

Absolute belter today, mad stress at work, crisis meetings (because everything's a crisis) No inclination to smoke whatsoever. I did spend 10 minutes trawling a shop looking for pies I knew I could smell, eventually found them tucked away at the end of the counter hiding in the smallest hot plate I've ever seen, bought three as I'm sure the old geezer thought I was casing the post office. Not all the pies were for me!:rolleyes:

Roll on tomorrow big day can't wait:D

19. -285 cigs. -2565 puffs. £99.75 in the back bin:cool: or 79.8 on the meat pie index:p

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Jonboy you are now at the next stage of developing your super-powers. This session was the "super-smell" system. :D

Smoking is like kryptonite, it reduces your super-powers which are in you my boy but hiding under the surface. I tell you this now because it can be frightening when you start to levitate at month 3. Well done :)


Well don Jonboy, and a very happy birthday:D


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