No Smoking Day
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Just checking

The nicomist is genius - I have tried so many NRT products in the past but this really works for me, although i probably use it more than I should (still well within recommended dose though) will concentrate on weaning off this after another month (after I have had a month continous smoke free lol). Getting there slowly but surely :)

Will be moving to month three in a day's time, this has been a long month ha :p

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Wey heyyyy well done!

I bought the mist before I stopped to try and when I got up on day 1 sprayed it straight in and oh my god it was awful lol felt like it was burning my mouth off!! And hiccupped like a frog lol so it didn't work for me. Bloody expensive too!! Lol I gave it away to a friend who was planning to stop.

Pleased to hear its working for you though! I found the 2mg gum worked for me the first few days but then I switched to normal chewing gum and just using the patches now. Going to drop down to step 2 next week


1st time i used it (i started on lozenges) was at work which is very quiet and i couldn't stop hiccuping extremely loud, followed by a fit of the giggles!! It only happens first few days. £14 in Asda and it lasts nearly 2 weeks, still a lot cheaper than smoking :)


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