No Smoking Day
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What kind of dreams have you had?

My dream last nite: ( BTW Day 55 ) I was flying around...

I tend to do that in dreams...and I was going thru a what

seemed to be a store , there is this lady there who wanted

to smoke a cigarette..or was about to...and I told her

I know how hard it is..I was so in my right mind, that I told

her it had been 55 days...I even told her that I had

smoked for 30 yrs..and only stopped during pregnancy and

if I had something medical done...

WOW! Dreams are so realistic...:eek:

I felt very much THERE! LOL!

Super funny to think about now...Pls tell me yours! :D

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Such a relief when you wake up and realise you haven't smoked though eh!? well done x


I have always been a funny dreamer lol I dream all sorts from there being two of my boyfriend, and I was cheating on one with the other lol but they were both him!! Can't think of any right now if I have a dream in future I will write on here though lol

I have had a couple of dreams where I'm smoking one where I was on holiday and smoking and then one where I was going awww just this one and ill quit again tomorrow then woke up thinking noooooooo! Lol it is a relief when you wake up


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