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Into second month

Pleased to reach this forum!! :)

Newspaper had an article on anti-smoking today, and I was pleased to think I don't smoke any more.

Been reading through some of the posts in this forum, and notice that several people still finding it hard, which is sort of encouraging as I do too. Keep expecting it to be easy by now, and it isn't. Although it has got less difficult, those craving moments when they do come, are just as strong, just occur less often. I suppose I get scared when the cravings happen as it would be so easy to give in. Worried that I will let my guard down - some time in the future - when I am not focusing on "quitting". Yes, I know we are not supposed to think about the future, one day at a time, but getting a bit fed up with "quitting" being focus of every day. If that makes sense.

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I still get the odd craving too, they are weird things!! I can only describe them as making you feel sooo uncomfortable and it comes from your throat and you get a really insecure feeling in your tummy! Lol but mine went I remember after 6 days, then they came back after I'd done 3 weeks! What the hell? Dunno when they will ever go completely but I've not felt any strong craves really, not enough to make me wanna give in.

We just gotta ride them out I suppose and know that we are stronger than to give in. I would really hit myself if I have in.

A woman on the bus stand tonight I overheard she was saying she's quit about 10 times and she always gives in after 6 months as she gets too nasty!!! So that didn't give much hope lol but I think that's the wrong way to look at it cos if you ride it out then the nastiness and the mood swings would go away with time.

Well done on reaching month 2 you're joining me now lol you've done really well


Thanks Rochelle. I am surprised at the six months giving in, as surely after 6 months one must be used to it. But I remember last time I gave in after 5 weeks when I was quite used to it, and it was because someone offered me a cigarette. So I shouldn't be surprised.

Yesterday I had to fill in a form and one of the questions was do you smoke? It was amazing to be able to tick the "No" answer. Really satisfying.



Hi folks, I am nearly one month, I quit Feb13 and am on middle strength patches and inhalator. I have avoided taking a glass of wine up to now, but last night I had three glasses and was not even tempted to have a ciggy, just hope it lasts that way. Hope that you are all feeling positive today xx


Hang on in there Karri, it will pass. How far into your quit are you?


........ the 'being nasty' was just a mental crutch shes using. Like as if smoking transforms u into a 'very nice' person!

Yes. I was tempted when I had an argument with someone and felt very stressed and upset afterwards. I told myself smoking would not make me any less upset. I do find thinking in this way really helps in those moments.


:) Your doing really well Ivy, and I do know how your feeling believe me I have had the most stressfull times and upsets and to hell and back, but I also tell myself that having one fag will not change things, be strong and keep positive thoughts I know its difficult but it can be done.

All the best


Quit Date: 10.2.12


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