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Hello everyone I have been reading all the posts on here for the past week and have found it really usefull. The thing is I am on day 6 of this quit :D and I feel like I have been run over by a bus. Is there anything I can do to make myself feel better. I am not the sort of person who would usually let this get me down but without a fag it just seems unbarable.

On the plus side I go to see my smoking surport worker at 3 can not wait to see that co2 thing say 0 after last weeks 50:eek:

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Thankyou :p



Hi oh no not again

I do know in the very early stages I would feel exhausted - I assume that's the body adjusting to a massive change both physically & mentally. It's not surprising you're going to get things like the flu.

I found that resting a lot ( any excuse for me to do nothing ) helped greatly both physically & mentally.

Hope you start to feel better soon.:)


Congratulations on getting this far!!

Not sure if this will help, but I drank heaps of fruit juice in my first week. I read somewhere that a lot of the symptoms you feel when withdrawing from nicotine are actually a result of a low blood sugar levels due to stopping smoking.

Fruit juice brings it back up and might make you feel a little better . It definately helped me in the first week.


Hiya hun u won't get to 0 a non smoker is usually 1 I asked my smoking nurse about it and she said u would only get 0 if you lived in the back and beyond lol car fumes give us carbon monoxide. Mines been 1 for ages now. 50 is mega high!

As for the flu I can only say ride it out, have plenty of vitamin c, rest and hot baths and plenty of water. You will be fine you will get through it.


Thank you all so much I will try the fruit juice, I am still feeling very fluey but it is just making me more determind not to smoke ever again because I never want to have to go through this again:D and yes my co2 reading was 1 ;) I blamed my sister for smoking in the same room as me. whoops. Anyway week 2 here I come xxx and thanks again for the surport xxx


Wow - 50 down to the lowest 1 is excellant!! I found it really encouraging when I first got 1 on my reading! the nurse said the same to me that you cant get 0 and she has been a non smoker for 3 years and hers too is 0 - had to laugh and you blaming your sister!!

I had a bad day around day 5 especially but did find for that first week - has cough, sore throat, runny nose - the works!!

Hope you feel better soon!:D


Hi, I have always developed sore throats and cold-like symptoms in the first few days of quitting so I think its par for the course unfortunately :( Last time I quit for a month I got a full-blown chest infection in the third week, right before Christmas too!! So as has been said, get plenty of vitamin C down you and hope you feel better soon :D

Zoe xx


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