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Day 22 today

Firstly, am I posting in the right bit for day 22!??

Pleased to have come this far. Have been a few moments when I could quite easily have caved in, but told myself it would only mean going through those horrible early days again.

Not sure if I just expected that by this time all the cravings would have gone completely, but I do get surprised when they creep up on me. Keeping many packs of gum nearby is helping though.Think I am currently helping Wrigleys achieve record gum sales!! :p

So, 18 days until the due date of my little one, and I am pretty damn sure once I see their little face, I will forget all about smoking and cravings etc (well, hopefully anyway!!)

Have a good day all


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Hi dellboy78 - congratulations on reaching day 22 & on the imminent arrival of your baby.

As far as which forum to post in I think we post in the week we're experiencing. So, you are actually on day 22 which is week 4 & hence you're in the correct forum.

Yes, I think we all experience those dreadful cravings but it gets less & less. I'm on day 47 & I although they are becoming few and far between I do think of cigarettes.

Your new child will never know you as a smoker & that's pretty special:)


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