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No Smoking Day
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Day 18

After a pretty minging day yesterday I was looking forward to seeing the back of 17.

Mega sick this morning, I don't understand the sickness in the morning, I'm really hoping it will pass just hoping that my body is starting to clear out years of accumulated crap from my system. The one good point about this is it's making me more determined to stop for good as I really could not go through this again.

All in all a good day managed to cope with the general stress of work and stay off the inhalator until late tonight, it helped to get me through the mountain of paperwork I had to tackle.

Interesting thing I finished part of what I had to do and went to the kitchen for a drink, my mind then told me to just nip out for a quick cig, I burst out laughing my wife thinks I've lost the plot, but now I know I'm winning.:)

Onwards and upwards looking at week three and a great birthday first smoke free for 29 years.

Day 18, -270 cigs, -2430 puffs of a cig + £94.50 in my back bin :D

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Hi Jonboy

Quit 36 days today but I also get those moments when I suddenly think oh I'll go and have a fag. Then remember I don't smoke and have a short panic attack. Fortunately they only last a few seconds now and it's all forgotten.

£94 not bad is it. I reckon I have saved about £260 now. Well not actually saved as I go out every weekend and buy myself something. It gives me a bit of incentive to keep quit. Taking my Daughter out for lunch this week and it will seem like a freebie

well done


36 days that's excellent ,it's amazing how your mind mugs you though isn't it. According to my iPhone app the family holiday to Portugal will be paid for in 106 days and my winter north face coat in 144, little goals one for everyone and one for me.

I feel so much better, just worried about the inhalator now don't want that to become the new crutch, still did'nt hammer it until tonight so being pragmatic and figuring its better than cigs.

I gave up on the day I got paid so banked the money I would have spent this month feeling quite smug at the moment, I suppose a kick in the nuts is just round the corner have had some bad days but determined to kick it for good this time. :)


:D well done on quitting

The sickness could be down to side effects of using the inhaler or even just quitting everyone is different and it does vary


It will pass sipping water will help flush it through quicker

You will stop relying on using the inhaler but dont rush into stopping to quickly you will get there :)

Onwards and upwards is the only way to go


I like your positive attitude - magic :)


well done Jonboy


It's gonna be a good day

Feel good this morning. Loads better this morning makes for a good start :)


Well done, the iphone app is working wonders with me...Everyone who knows ive quit smoking ask's to see how much ive saved(Well not saved any yet as car decided it wanted to be healthier) but soon as im back on my feet financially i will be putting the money i saved into a tin and hopefully by october i will be smoke free, £1500 richer and in the sun;)


This time next year we won't be millionaires well I won't be anyway.

The apps are so good just give you the edge, you kind of want to keep the chain going, I've become a stat monkey.

I'd like to know the day to day facts of the benefits of not smoking, you know what's your body doing how are you healing are your arteries clearing etc

Hmmmmmm any ideas?


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