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End of week 3, day 18

I've come to the end of week 3, overshot my target of two weeks so i'm feeling good about that

Still relying on nicotine suppliments, i feel like i could over come the craving, but i dont feel ready to stop taking my electronic cigerettes though, i still rely on it slightly for anxiety relief from daily life

Anyway i've eaten my weight in food the past couple of days, i'm sort of wobbling on the edge of sadness atm.. i have a job interview on thursday and i feel like so much rests on it that i i don't get it i'll break :/

Hope everyone is okay


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:D your doing so well in your quit three weeks is a great achievement :)

Try not to think to far ahead and just take one day at a time

If you feel you still need to use nrt do so

its your quit at the end of the day and until you feel you can go without it then carry on

using it as and when needed

There will come a day very soon where you will not even think about smoking :eek:

I kid you not :)

Good luck for your interview on thrusday

Onwards and upwards is the only way


Doing good SS. :)


SS - interviews are stressful whether you smoke or not - smoking wont alter that or make it any less stressful. If you can quit for 3 weeks, blow them away with your strength at the interview (you'll smell nice too!!!) - don't use the stress as an excuse to lose your quit!!!

Good luck for Thursday


well done! You are doing so well...keep going and never give up!



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