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Doing it together!!!??!!

Right at the moment I have the joy of sharing the experience of becoming a non smoker or should I say the hell!! You would think that stopping smoking with your partner would be a supportive thing? My darling husband has become a selfish, sulky, immature, self centred wotsit in the last day or so. I am sure he is looking to have an argument as an excuse to smoke. The worrying thing is that I recognise that behaviour from myself in previous quits, so as much as I am tempted to scream at him and tell him to go and have a fag I am ignoring it and not rising to any of the comments.

Unfortunately for you lot you are now likely to get my rant!!!!

Thank you for listening!! :o

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hi puddles

MEN!! just send him to his bed !! lol! I know it is so hard, my hubby has started smoking again about a week ago so waiting to see if he will try again :D


While it seems like a great idea to quit together, it often isn't. There are so many motivators and demotivators about smoking / quitting smoking that it is quite an individual thing really. If you can make it together then all the better, but please bear in mind that ultimately this is YOUR quit, and that you are wholly responsible for making it work for YOU. Hubby needs to get his act together and do it for himself, as do you. If one fails, the other needs to stay strong... Usually the one who fails will eventually catch up.

Now I'll leave it up to the ladies to talk about selfish, sulky, immature, self-centred men (in fact I thought that was the official definition of a man :D).



your reply made me laugh Alex - am sure it will cheer up puddles too! :D


Haha thanks Alex.

He has now come out of his huff and apologised!!! He does however think that it is fabulous he has not killed me!!!!!!!!!

I am fine if he decides he can't stop right now, but there is no way I am going back. Have been looking at holidays for the summer, will be the first one in 5 years thanks to the cigarette money I am saving! :)


Quitting together?!?! That seems like asking for trouble to me, but fair play for the both of you being brave enough to do it! :D

I can empathise with the looking for an arguement as as excuse to smoke.

And you got an apology from him!?!? He's a bigger man than I!! ;)


And I'm quite a scary woman!!!! Lol


aww at least he apologised! A holiday will be a great incentive!! :)


2 smokers in the house trying to quit at the same time is like 2 raging bulls! lol you guys are in for fun and games... Well done on your quit and keep going!:)


Grrr! Let it all out babe :)

I looks like your man is just going through the same learning curve that you went through.. hopefully it'll pass soon :) xx


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