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Going home(day4)

I seem to post every day sorry:(

Well i made day 4 :D and I'm happy about that (other then tired) but after a weekend at boyfriends who's non smoker I am going home to my moms who's a smoker, we have agreed she doesn't smoke in front of me but I'm worried temptation will take over

Any tips dealing with this?

Once again sorry for my daily posting

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I don't live with my mum, who's a smoker, anymore but we are close and I visit her twice a day.

I don't really have any tips as tbh it doesn't seem to bother me like I thought it would. It stinks and the hacking and coughing of my mum is enough to put me off wanting to start smoking again.

If you really watch a smoker they aren't enjoying smoking in the slightest and seem to be doing it without really thinking about it if you know what I mean.

Stay strong and you never know, it may be the push you give to your mum to stop herself if she sees you can do it.

Good luck.


Thankyou both

My mom has been a star today(From 3pm :p ) not only has she been support over the phone but as she promised she hasnt smoked infront on me and goes out the room, she cleaned the whole house including my room and removed every bit of cig's i had in there(Empty boxes,ashtrays and lighters), she also told her friend about me quiting smoking incase i walked in the walked back out hahaha!! However i am home all day tomorrow lets hope i make it lol

Anyway it wasnt as bad as i thought it just comes to my mind "did i do anything but smoke?":o

Im happy ive made and nearly completed day 4 and i think i can do this :D


I am ive never been 4 days smoke throat is a little sore and chest is bit rattled, the patches i am puttin on my thigh so there not itching me and strangely if they do itch me i need a cig:confused: i crave porridge lately which isnt a bad thing and the inhaler im using less got carbon monoxide test thursday i know its going to be low if not 0 as if been good


4 days thats great. Keep it up. You will be suprised how quickly it will seem before you are saying its 4 weeks.

You don't THINK you can do it.

You KNOW you can do it


Day 5!! cant believe ive made it, i hate his new smell ive had my mom is in another room and i can smell the smoke but not making me crave one yet

Im on 24 hour patches and yesterday i had work so was up early showered ect, i had lie in today(Well woke up at 8 wanting porridge) and still not changed patch didnt want a cig till 2 hours later then few puffs on inhaler and im ready to go, just no porridge for me:(


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