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Dat=y 24 just gone. Day 25 today

:)I havent gone to bed yet, but it is day 25, so thought I would post now instead of later. I do love a yoghurt, Tesco do a low fat one six for £1, not bad they are delicious. I have had a bar of chocolate in the fridge for well over 2weeks now and just not touched it yet. To be honest my taste buds went a bit berserck. But Im getting their. So hope you are all doing well in your quits.


Quit Date: 10.2.12

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Been to Ns clinic today lost a bit of weight too but getting more and more grumpy with OH and life in general. Cannot seem to like anything why is this i say. Just want to get going and be motivated in doing something worth while but as to what i dont know. I lost my temper at OH again this morning all because he was asleep and snoring. So i had a few horrible words at him and went out. Anyway ive still not lit up. Why because i want to beat that nicodemon he maybe causing my life to be upside down but i have to keep strong and thats hard when things are making me depressed. Jacqui


Ah Jacqui - you're having a rough ride, but HANG ON IN THERE. It really WILL get easier. My Dad used to have a saying - "you look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves". I think with smoking it's a case of "you look after the minutes/hours and the days will look after themselves". Just take every day one step at a time....




Thanks Sue i also remember my dad saying that to me. Its funny how we remember sayings. Jacqui x


Thanks for your reply Karri. I am on meds and seeing my dr next monday so i will be explainimg to him. It wont be the first time. Il let u know how i get on Karri. Jacqui x


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