Newbie on Day 12 of quitting


Am 35, smoked since 11, roly smoker for many many years. Got sick of stinking, going outside in rain and spending a fortune, plus my kids really really want me to do it.

Quit on 23/2/12 for Lent (and beyond).

Am using patches, very very occasional inhalator when really struggling (ie PMT!). Was given an e-cig thingy yesterday, which is ok, but only used couple of times when super stressed - in same way as inhalator ... although might be more hesitant after reading a thread on here earlier.

Anyway, am I cheating? I haven't smoked a single cigarette and seem to have got through the toughest days, but worry slightly about the patches ... what happens when you stop using them?

I do seem to have broken the back of 'the habit' and have stopped grieving the cigarettes, am actually quite happy to be non-smoking.

Oh and should mention the Iphone App 'My Last Cigarette'. Amazing, tells me I have 240 unsmoked cigarettes, £45 saved in 12 days. Quite a motivator.

Anyway - any thoughts anyone? Am I doing things in a good way or setting up for a fall? Really want to do it this time.

Thank you :)


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