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8 weeks today

Just feel really down but no idea why.I am over the initial cravings and stress with quittting and so feel better physically.I now jog for an hour which I probably have not done since I was 12.Have noticed am better off ( no tenners out of the bank for the pack of 20 ),kids are very proud of me as bf too.But just must say have never felt so bloody low and don't know why.OK have got abit fatter,but nothing too bad.Just enjoying tasting my food so much more.Just feel peed off,theres no reason for it at all,am bit of a moaner if truth be known lol,but am hard working,love sport,jogging,gym,etc,just feel god I still miss the fags,will this feeling ever go? xxx

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Very good!!

Hi mumi76.

Congratulations on getting to week 8. :) That is so good.

I know exactly what you're saying. I too love being an ex smoker but there is this "discontent" associated with it. It's as if I need to find ways to get a buzz out of life :confused:

Like you, I exercise & that helps greatly. However, what I have found is that I need to vary the routine & go out of my comfort zone. I think the body quickly becomes accustomed to exercise methods & we have to vary what we do to get a buzz out of it.

I find going to classes where I'm told what to do ( often way out of my comfort zone ) helps. I think it's because it's drawing me out of myself.

Hope you feel more "alive" soon:)


Yes the shi**y feeling will go over time, it may come back now and again, but you will be prepared for it. Remember quitting is 95% mental! :)


Hopefully there is a eureka moment around the corner.

When I am out running I liken it to the quit, I am very tired, bit achy, would like to pack it in and stop. But I think get round that corner, then the next, to those lights till I get home.

All the good things about not smoking our great, all the bad things about smoking are accurate, yet we can still miss them - how mad is that.

Lets assume dicko right and get beyond 3 months and see less:(and more:)


Know how you feel hun I was buzzing right up until week 4 then I had two days where I was raging at everything and then feeling down depressed and teary. It was awful, I thought I'd got off with that with getting that far and not feeling like that! But no it creeped up on me. It will pass, and you will feel better it doesn't last long. Just try to cheer yourself up wether it be going for walks or eating chocolate or whatever.


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