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No Smoking Day
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on day 3 and feel exhausted

So im successfully on day 3 now, and i can happily say apart from one moment this morning where i tried to convince myself why its ok to have a cig (but i didnt!) i have no desire to smoke at all!!

But i feel very exhausted! im using 24 hours patches and am not sure wether this a giving up thing? or disturbed sleep thing. Anyways, tonight im going to take it off and start only wearing them in the day. I feel confident enough not to cave in tomorrow morning, as i think everyone would agree getting on to and through day 3 is the hardest part!!

i can not wait until i dont have to take my addiction into concideration anymore!!! xxx

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I have same problem but not to confident not wearing it


ive had the patch of now for a few hours, and ive had a little suck on my electric cig but im not feeling an urge to go and smoke..so far so good!

ive just been really crabby all day, like people trying to talk to me round the house is really annoying me, and i know its because im tired and want zero stimulation! i shall let you know on day 4 forum if the better sleep helps with this quiting melark!!

hope your all still sticking firm with your quits!! x


Hang in there!!

Hi nikki_gargin - life does get better.

Once the brain gets over the shock that you are going to look after the body & conquer the brain it starts to settle down.

Good luck:)


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