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Lost its edge


Hi all.

Will be three months on the 9th of this month - by how time passes. I am really happy and in tune with the whole quit situation but it just seems to have lost its edge, it has, dare I say, become mundane.

I am sure many others have experienced this situation where at first I had a drive, an ambition to stop smoking which in many ways involved my full life and resources. My daily diary used to be full of references on tips and ideas plus dreads. I used this site daily and regularly supported others' in their quest.

Now I seem to be losing the whole situation to one of just getting on with life. I am finding this hard to put into words!

I think I am missing the challenges of not smoking.

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You can have my challenges Dicko:eek:. When I stopped for 6 months the last time I felt the same. I totally understand where you are coming from, but don't do what I did and start again.

You can have my challenges Dicko:eek:. When I stopped for 6 months the last time I felt the same. I totally understand where you are coming from, but don't do what I did and start again.

Hi SJ. Naw, no intention of starting again just for another challenge to stop, though it would resolve my situation. However, I have just been searching on the net the range of childrens' charities in my area, just to see if I can help in any way. The Rainbow trust looks like its going to get a ring. :)

Brilliant idea, they will be lucky to have you. It is so rewarding, my own son is disabled, he is one of my main reasons for quitting, I worry what will happen to him when I am no longer here. He would be sooo lost without me :(

Hi Dicko

Congratulations on your quit - what a nice idea to put your energy into something worthwhile!! They will be glad to have you! :D

Have to say Dicko you sound like a thoroughly decent bloke, it's only normal to become slightly distanced from the forum because for you it has served its purpose and you are more or less clear of smoking. Yes you want to support others but you are no longer going through the pain so are possibly a little detatched. I too after 4 months feel slightly detatched and post only now and again. Maybe in addition to charity work set yourself some fitness goals, run a mile or ten, walk the Pennine way, climb Snowdon, what ever floats your boat. Good luck with whatever you decide.


NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Been there got the T-Shirt!

Quitting has stages and phases, here is my post from about the same time experiencing the same feelings

Losing the excitment.

The good news is that as you move along the quitting journey it settles down and normal becomes great.

Thanks all for the info. Done Snowdon, Ben Nevis, Scarfell (which I found the hardest, especially in the snow). Most of the highest peaks in the lakes, just started tackling the Munroe's (gonna take a long time I think) Done most of the Pennine way but in stages, Lyke Wake walk, multi gulley scrambling, pot-holing, coasting, carried a wheelchair and its owner up Roseberry Topping for MS, single pitch climbing, archery, shotguns, woodcraft, fishing in its many many forms, cross country running, jogging, medium weights with plenty of reps and doing the lawns.

All before my lunch :D

It's the charity work with kids I am aiming at now.

nonico7 Years Smoke Free


Wow dicko - that's a very impressive list there. Now that you've given up smoking you could probably fit Mt Everest in!!

Congratulations on doing so well with your quitting.

I am exhausted just reading your list of activities ;)

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