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Day 23 and pleased:)

Well im pleased with my progress because i have had some very stressed moments as some of you are aware of. And i have come through all of it and not lit a fag. So if i can get through that then my quit will suceed. Hope all is doing well with their quit. And remember this lighting up does not make problems go away. That is mainly how i get through bad moments. Jacqui

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Hi Jacqui

Thats is now both day 24 already!! You are doing great to keep it up at such a tough time and if you can keep it up know you can do it through anything!! I hope you are ok! :D


So glad to see u r still with us Jacqui :D


:) Thanks all. Hope your quits are going well. Yes mandy day 24 is over with now. Jacqui



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