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on day 2 for the 10th time! lol

Hey everyone,

so im on day two, and this time i have tried the patches again, but starting from step 1 rather than step 2, i smoke between 15 and 20 anyways a day so i think step 2 was just not cutting it as i am getting no real cravings at all. But i must admit i feel really bloody weird. Its not a sick feeling, i just feel very tired but at the same time very awake! hard to explain.

Anyways, i feel this time is different, as before i have always though 'but i go this comming up and i want to smoke for that!' etc this time i just dont want to smoke full stop!

so wanted to get some opinions on my ideas, because i dont really want to be on patches for 3 months, so i was thinking of doing patches for a week or 2, then doing inhaler for a week then cold turkey it after that.

There is so much with giving up smoking isnt there! you have the actual habit, the addiction and i think part of the withdrawal is getting used to no carbonmanoxide tbh! because all this oxygen on day 2 feels similair to a cold turkey attempt i had, accept just no craves, so i can see how nrt does work for some of us.

anyways. think the lack of smoke if making me abit hyper so ill shut up now. any thoughts or experiences similair? xxxx

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Hi Nikki

I am no expert on using patches, so can't really advise you on that.

What I can say, though, is well done for making a start - that's an achievement in itself! Why not just see how it goes over the next few weeks?

Good luck. :)


Patches and inhaler

I'm on both and intend to do the full three months as I figure I'll have more of a chance the further I get from my quit date, I've been addicted to nicotine for thirty years, another three months weening myself off it without taking on board all the other crap that goes into a cigs can't be a bad thing.

It's a three month programme for a reason, it's a dreadful addiction that has a monumental physical, and physiological hold on your body and mind. In my opinion do whatever you need to do and take whatever help you can get I will and I don't mind admitting it. Keep going good luck.

18 days and chuffed to bits

NRT 15mg patch 10 mg inhalator :D


Hi Nikki

Well done on quitting!! I guess you could just see how you feel? Just be careful not to come off them too early - my hubby stopped a couple of weeks ago on patches and inhalator - after 5 days off no problems he decided to take off his patch and just use the inhalator. This lasted 2 days and then he was smoking again :(

You however may have more willpower than him!!:p


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