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Day 7 of freedom!

Well, its nearing the end of day 7 being clean-first proper day off work since i gave up and I have spent pretty much ALL of it reading about the dangers of smoking and the benefits of being free of it! Have broken out in big red spots without heads on-they are all over my cheeks! is this regular n if so why?

Also, i am a bit wheezy today but no coughing up cr*p, which is sort of disappointing mi!

Stay Free x

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Hi There Smokefreemi,

That is really common. Alot of people breakout the first few weeks. I was just saying on another thread that putting my face over a pot of steam helps wonders. It opens up those pores and lets the toxins leave alot quicker, also Vitamin C serum or vitamin E oil afterwards.

Great Job on your first week :D


I was a bit shocked as after day 2 i thought my skin was looking really good!! lol Was just the calm before the storm. Thanks for the tip, ill do that tonight. Maybe it will help loosen up the tar etc on the lungs too. How long u been clean n what were your main withdrawal issues?

Freedom Rocks! x


I smoked a pack a day for 20 years.

I quit smoking Jan 19th. Went the 1st week on patches then Cold Turkey. I'm on day 42 :D I am feeling great

The best thing about being free from nicotine is that I had psoriasis and it has completely gone away!!! :D I have noticed dramatic changes in my skin. So... be encouraged, your body is purging all the toxins, it make look bad at first but I promise it just keeps getting better. With all the money you are saving you can even go get a facial if you wanted ;)


The spots are just the body getting all the rubbish out. I've had them too. I've always suffered from spots though, but had a proper breakout last week lol I've been stopped for 5 weeks now.

I did beauty therapy at college so I know how to give myself a good facial lol not as relaxing as going to a salon obviously but I do myself a good skin workout twice a week. Cleanse take all make up off, I use simples purifying cleansing lotion. Don't just slap it on and off though, massage it right in. Upward motions and circling with your fingers as you go. Then use cotton wool to take it off. Then either use toner, again I use simple (love simple products) soothing toner. Or otherwise just rinse with tepid water and pat dry. Face pack again I use simple as its only thing I trust on my spot prone skin. Leave it for a few minutes then rinse off. Then I use a gentle facial scrub to exfoliate all the dead cells off and smooth my skin. This is also great for blackheads. Finish off with a nice moisturiser I usually do this in the evenings so I use simples night cream. I just did this and my skin feels amazing. This works for my spots.

Also I've mentioned on here before, for a big whopper spot ill hold a cotton pad under the hot tap, make sure the water is running hot!! Hold it to the spot it will sting a little. Then dab some sudocrem onto it. The next day the spot will shrink and after 2 days it will dry up!! Amazing.

As for the lungs, I havnt coughed stuff up or even had a cough really, so don't worry!! I smoked for 9 years about 15 a day.


Hey up! I havent coughed much up either - although the first person I speak to in the morning sometimes gets the mer-man treatment, sound like im underwater! Have quit since new years day, and have noticed major improvements to my skin so stick with it! I read stuff to inspire me all the time too.... a massive well done to you, you can do it x


Thank you everyone n well done to you all!

Good n thorough advice too-cheers! Just bought some berroca and oranges to help from the inside.

I just cant believe i smoked for so long! 15 years! tut tut At least its over now

Stay Free xx


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