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3 weeks done.. forever to come!

Three weeks today.. finished with the nasty little feckers on the 10 of Feb and have had 3 amazing weeks. I feel renewed, like I have woken up from a groggy 17 year dream. I was always to scared to even try before. It hasnt been all plain sailing.. some very low moments, which still happen, but the knowledge inside me that its over is the best feeling ever. I regret not doing this long before now but I guess I was just not ready.

So happy its over for ever. My mind still tries to trick me but i know I am stronger than that!!

3 week reader... 1st time poster


A pack a day (so stupid) for 17 years.

Enjoying beating each craving.. it beat me for so long.. it wont beat me again!

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I love your positive attitude - I think that is key in a successful quit and realising that you not 'giving' anything up but are 'gaining' so much.

Well done on 3 weeks - that is fab.

I reach two week milestone tomorrow:p


Well done, 3 weeks is great :D


Hi Seaquil,

Congrats :D

I felt a weight lifted off of me after three weeks too :)

Freedom is light and easy ;)


:D i'm so glad you've come this far ^_^ no need to beat yourself up about smoking in the past - you're redeeming yourself with every hour you go smoke free :) well done, keep it up xxx


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