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60 Days, 2 calendar months & hello!


Hi everyone!

I've lurked on the forum and followed some of your experiences and looked to the forum for reassurance I'm not the only one fighting the good fight!

I hope you're all well and doing ok with your quits! I suppose if you've made it to this forum you're likely a new year quitter doing brilliantly too!

At 60 days I'm feeling like I'm managing the best with my quit compared to ever before (I've made 2 serious attempts previously, one managed a month CT and the other 3 months, 2 months of which was on Champix).

I'm still finding it tough at times. Smoking has been a constant source of unhappiness in my life and I'm very happy to be feeling like I might have it under control this time :)

Wishing you all well with your quits


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nonico7 Years Smoke Free


Congratulations serialquitter. It looks like this may be the last attempt & you can drop the word "serial" from your name.

60 days is a great achievement & yes, many of us find it tough at times but it sure is worth it.

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