Dry Skin

I've no idea if this is related to my quit but since I stopped smoking I've had lots of patches of red, dry skin on my face. I've also noticed that my scalp has become really dry and flakey as well. It's odd because I've always had oily skin and never had dry skin in my life. I have been eating LOTS of fruit, though which I didn't before. Any ideas?:confused:

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  • Hi legs-eleven

    I went to doctors last week about dry itchy ears, but doc said its fine!

    well done and good luck :)

  • I've got really itchy skin, driving me mad....also got red blotches on my face and arms....must all be related to quitting

  • me too had itchy ears and itchy face since i quit i put it down to everything but quitting smoking. my ears became very itchy a month ago, then completely blocked with wax, had them syringed now they are fine, but the itchy face.... maybe it is due to quitting, iv heard that nerves start to repair themselves after years of toxic chemicals and oxygen starvation..... my god what have we been doing to ourselves!...


  • I'm going through this problem right now. My head is very itchy and my skin is dry and blotchy. Also i've broken out in loads of spots and lumps which you cannot squeeze. I look like Adrian Mole.

  • Im having this problem as well lol, im itchy all over and little lumps popping up on my face , Im sitting here of a night scratchun away and me cats lookin at me as if too say eewwwww get on her blurghh she must have fleas ! :D

  • Call at your physician about each one of these signs. They're fairly normal for nicotine withdrawl, however seem critical.

  • I have the same problem now this week .. stopped 8 days ago although did have a roll up last night - suppose I am back to day 1 again today!!

    anyway skin is terrible nearly rash like - teeth and gums so sore as well :confused:

  • I seem to be having the same issues. My scalp is super itchy and dry. I already use Head and Shoulders because of existing dandruff issues, but this is worse...so scratchy all the time. My face also seems to be more oily then usual and breakouts are insane. I also noticed that in the first 6 months of quitting I got canker sores in my mouth all the time...like 2 or 3 at a time and it felt like one would be forming just as I was finally getting rid of one...thank goodness that only lasted a short while :(. I figure that it is just my body pushing out 20+ years of toxins I put in it :D I can deal with all these little inconveniences only because I know it will all some day stop :o

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