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No Smoking Day
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Into week 2

Hi Everyone,

I am now into week two - today is day nine, its funny how obsessed with counting the days I have become, I am looking forward to tomorrow as it will be day 10 - double figures:)

I have booked a holiday today for six weeks time to visit family in Spain (they have all quit smoking) and can not wait to get there and be a non-smoker with them - will be very nice.

Has anyone got any hints and tips for week 2?

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Well done Dottie, week 2 is a brilliant achievement......you go girl :D


Well done dottie! You are doing great!:o

Today is day 11 for me, The best thing you can do is stay positive and fight through the cravings and stay focused on your goal!

Well done...WE CAN DO IT!:D


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