No Smoking Day
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29 days today!

Well ive made it this far! cant believe ive actually got to this many days and ive survived. Just wanted to ask though, i still think about smoking all the time, although there is no physical craving i feel like im missing actually 'smoking' a cigarette. cant imagine this continuing over the next few months - dont know if i could handle it to be honest. will it wear off? am frightened to be around smokers aswell incase i give in. but - physically i feel great, and most of the time im so proud of myself.

i get a little tetchy with the kids and my husband but that does wear off reasonably quickly

feel a little like im going around in circles - is that normal??

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Really well done on getting through your first four weeks. :)

Everything that you have mentioned is entirely normal, and all of it will get easier over time. I remember feeling frustrated that I kept thinking about smoking, even though I knew I wouldn't have one. That is all long gone for me now, and I can feel very comfortable around smokers without wishing to become one again! Just hang on in there - it will all be worthwhile.


Hi POlly , the reason why your feeling so great is because your not smoking. As for thinking about smoking i still do after 4 months its just a case of saying no to just one puff. An alcoho;lic friend of mine says if you stay away from the first drink you wont get drunk , the same is true of smoking. The thoughts do become less frequent. They also keep u on your toes as you can see that the enemy is still lurking. Being around other smokers gets u to realize they are smoking cos they have too and its not in there control no matter how cool,complete and happy they look.

Mash x


Hi Polly, Congratulations on 29days. All the best for your future quit. Jacqui

Quit Date: 10.2.12:)


Whether its smoking, boyfriends or our favourite shade of lipstick getting discontinued its always hard for a while. Eventually we get used to life without it.

Lol had to laugh at likening it to a lipstick.

Pollyanthus it is completely normal we all get highs and lows and eventually we will be normal again just without breathing poison anymore stick with it you've done sooo well so far. I often feel like I'm going in circles or sometimes I even doubt myself and my good moods thinking am I kidding myself? But at the end of the day we' re not smoking and the longer we don't smoke then the easier and more normal it will become. I can't imagine life with fags now I am enjoying life so much without them!! People who smoke stink we can smell them a mile off now can't we and also all the spare cash we have and how easier our chests and throats feel. I can't wait til the day I get a bad cold and my chest isn't in absolute agony anymore!!

Did everyone get that? I'm sure everyone will have like when you get a cold it goes straight to your chest and it is agony every time you cough and it just feels so raw and you cough brown stuff up every morning it was disgusting and painful so I can not wait to get a cold so I can compare how my chest feels now I'm a non smoker!! I know that sounds a bit mad lol


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