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hi everybody. no desire to smoke although getting fed up with the e cig. I am using flavourless e liquid as is much cheaper and am getting fed up with the boring taste . it is like sucking on an old water pipe . still keeping me off the fags though. i am thinking of going onto the lozenges this week, we'll see. the e cig only costs me about a fiver a week. good luck to you all.

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Hey pfaber, does the flavourless e-cig have any nicotine in it? If not, no point in going onto lozenges if you have got all the nicotine out of your system.

Hope you doing good.

Zoe xx


Well done pfaber... I can't say ive every sucked a water pipe.:eek: But well done enjoy your quit.


Quit Date: 10.2.12



yes it does contain nicotine but have got it down to 15mg per ml or 1.5% . good to see you're still out there zoe .


I am still on ecig ( week 7 now think ).Do seem to have it in my hand alot,need to slowly get out of the habit.Feel like a baby without their dummy without it.Mine is a 6mg nicotine one.Like you Pfaber am sick of the taste now though,at the end of a cartridge you get a burny sensation,its horrible.Not sure am quite ready to get rid of them yet though x


Can you suck a golf ball through that water pipe? No dont answer :)

Well done on your quit


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