Day 17:)

Well im still not smoking. We went out for a lovely walk today down to Fradley Nature Reserve the sun has been out all day just a tad chilly but it was great. We stopped off at a cafe by the c**** and had a bacon sandwich and pot tea for 2. And whilst my hub had finished he got his tobacco out and i said dont light that till ive finished eating . Which he agreed. I have felt my breathing loads better. I have noticed i sneeze a lot during the day 6 all in one go anyone else get this. Anyway it was great to be outdoors today. Take care in your quit everyone. See you tomorrow. Jacqui

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  • i dont know where then asterisks have come from looks like ive been swearing. The word is C****. Jacqui:eek:

  • its still doing it Wot is going on here. Well iits where barges are.

  • Haha Jaqui I know your not swearing :D is weird when you can't use normal words like a n a l y se though?? Made me feel like I'd done something wrong lol :( Glad you doing good on day 17. Could murder a bacon buttie now you come to mention it lol sod the fags!! Enjoy!!

    Zoe xxxx

  • Oh Jacqui, I meant to say that I am absolutely full of cataargh, how do you spell that? Grossville anyway urrgh. Keep feeling dizzy when I lie down in bed at night which is scary. Doctor tomorrow anyway. Maybe we need some Vit C? Lots of garlic and onions can be helpful though, bit stinky when we've only just stopped stinking of fags lol :(

    Zoe xxxx

  • c a n a l:D

  • :D Thanks everyone, and thanks penthouseroof, i thought it would that thats ok then. Hope your all doing ok in your quit anyway. by the the word was c a n a l. Jacqui:eek:

  • hahahahahahahahahhh i had exactly the same problem with the same word on my last quit 12 months ago and the word consultant but today its working c**** there iv wrote it.

    mash x

  • no it wasnt consultant it was spe******t.

  • Oh bugger its done it again. **** with a c and a pe******t or really an ess pe******t.i thik iv beaten it this time ha ha ha

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