Lottery Win

I am clear in my head that smoking smells, is unhealthy and expensive, does not relieve stress, it causes it, is a trap, life sentance of sneaking about.

Why on a Sunday morning when I check emails to see if Ive had "great news about your ticket" email, I daydream that if I have won, I'll run to the shop for a packet of fags.

Anyone got a brain drill to delete that thought from the "useless connections with smoking" databank in my head.

2 Replies

  • ha know what you are saying i sill get the odd trigger now but the way u have to look at it is the lottery trigger is done and dusted and will be easier on your next win

    how much did u win by the way


  • Won bugger all as usual.

    Doing the lottery online is funny when you get the email "great news about your ticket mail". You can hardly type your name to log on as your are shaking so much, then it says congratulations you have won a tenner. You never know one day ?

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