No Smoking Day
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day 16

Im still here and have been to hell and back but not one fag has been lit. Yesterday i was sad because had to say cheerio to my dad. And secondly myself and OH had the most foul argument while i was driving home. I dont like today very very emotional day. Mixture of feelings mainly my dad totally fed up with everything. But not one fag has been lit. Its totally amazing . Jacqui

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awww Jacqui sending big are doing so well to stay quit with all this going on xx


Well done Jaqui, you're doing really well. It's hard when we're going through tough times but when you get through this, you can get through everything!! It will make you stronger...all the best,

Lisa x


Keep going!

Great to see that you are staying strong Jacqui. I hope that you can recapture that positivity soon. :)


:)Thank you Mrs T, felic2012, Lisa, Michell, all such lovely messages. I am so focused on my dad at the moment that fags dont even come into the equasion, and most days I have gone almost all day without a Loz, Just me Xtra strong mints. Love Jacqui

Quit Date: 10.2.12.


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