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Day 42

Hi all, cant believe i am on day 42, 6 weeks smoke free. I am feeling very proud of myself and really positive, this could be me now - a non smoker :D. The cravings come and go but they are not as strong or as frequent. I can go long periods without even thinking of having a smoke. The weight gain is another story, gosh can i not feel it in my clothes!! :( so that is my next mission to cut back on the sweet/sugary foods. Hope everyone is doing great :)

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Good Job Mojo!!!:D

I am on day 34 and have gained 6-8 pounds and my OH has put on 15, so we have started walking (speed walking) everyday. But I feel really good, Finally. It was a rough go for me until the last week... but anyways, way to go you;)


Good day 42, Mojo :)

Even tho' you've got a good quit going there don't fall into any traps as yet. Always good to get a full circle around the sun where you've seen all the usual yearly events without slip ups.

What's a little post quit muffin top...or belly :eek::o:)


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