No Smoking Day
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Well I have just blown 43 days of giving up by giving in!

I felt really low for 2 wks and gave in this morning thinking... maybe its not the right time to give up, not smoking makes me miserable etc etc.

I wish I would have never done it, I feel more sad now than I did b4 the cigarette and I'm really really disappointed in myself!

Now I have to start back at the beginning again!

Anyone tempted to give in don't do it! It tasted horrible, I let myself down, and wish I could start the day all over again! It made me feel no better at all.

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Just keep goin'. The important thing is you realized very quickly that you do not want to smoke and got right back on the horse. Don't beat yourself up to much, just throw away any cigarettes (pour water on them) so there is no temptation, forgive yourself and continue your life smoke free. :)


Hi, u r completely right. Best thing to do is ignore what has happened and just carry on. Lol very hard to do now I have let myself down so badly. Can't believe I done it!

It's one slip up and I'm still a non smoker!!

Thank u


None of us are perfect.....when you are a toddler learning to walk, you fall. Same thing learning to be a non-smoker. Get right back on the wagon and continue the quit......ppat time you are feeling sad, talk to us instead of lighting up!!


the curse of yea ol nicodemon......

Hi had a wobble get's you like that it's hard and endless and challenging giving up nicotine.....but you are doing it....rub yourself down and carry on forward....don't fixate on the's happened ......move on.....we are here to support you....

I stopped smoking 101 days ago and the last 26 days have been hell....for various reasons and without a shadow of a doubt I have nearly caved in a million times.....for some reason I keep talking myself through the next minute but it IS a battle..... I stopped my car by a bloke who had just lit up yesterday and wouldv'e begged him for a cigarette had a traffic warden not been looming....:eek:

I know it will get easier...there are a million posts on here that are testament to that come on girlie onwards and upwards......we knew it was never going to be easy.....but how proud will we be (and healthier and richer) when we are supping Champers in the Penthouse.....



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