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Day 5

Hi Everyone,

So here comes the serial quitter - except I'm not as I never managed to fully quit. Longest time is 18 months and then madness descended and had that "just one". Thats all in the past however.

So after a few false starts - I'm now onto Day 5 - the first three days were hell on earth - so bad - I NEVER want to do that again. Its amazing how quickly you forget how bad they were!

I am feeling it this time - I have alot of reasons to give up - the normal ones - all listed below in my sig. There is also a purely selfish one - I have a burning desire to retire by the age of 50 - thats 17 years away - so if I don't smoke - then thats £57K saved.....thats quite a mountain of cash.

By no means am I looking too far ahead in terms of the quit - I am taking each day as it comes - but its a nice long term objective.

Anyways, enough rambling!

Over n Out!

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Hi Chris


I am on day 5 today and am also a serial quitter:confused:

This time feels very different for me though as I have not had a single really bad craving just a bit of a nagging sensation at times.

I am on the 21mg patches - are you using anything?

I love your ambition to retire at 50 - Wow - what do you do for a living?:o


Hi Chris - welcome back again! You know you want to do it .... and you can and you will. Definitely worth hanging around on here for the support as and when you need it. It sooooooooo helps.




Yo Chris..........brill to see you.....good luck with your quit :)


Thanks Everyone!!!

It's great to be back here!!! :)

Dottie- not a director of any multi-national unfortunately!!!!! Just a geeky project manager! :)


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