No Smoking Day
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WARNING: This post may contain Nuts (Nutters)

Day 150:

This post contains no references to the following:

1.Drill sergeant school

2.Quitting Queens

3.Smoking Fields

4.Sailing Ships

5.Battle of Thermopylae

6.Xerxes Immortals

7.Kirk Douglas

but does reference the fact that I have been quit for 5 months, woo hoo!

Cold Turkey for me, because that was my choice

But more importantly I just don't want to smoke, ever again.

Big thank you to those forum members who have offered Help Support and Advice, you know who you are **clap clap clap**

Next milestone for me...

waking up tomorrow morning...

smoke free :)

4 Replies

hehe that made me laugh reading that :D

brill post and WELL DONE YOU:D


A big well done!!!:)


BRILLIANT - well done!


Well done Jimmer, just a month behind you....awesome achievement!!!!

ANd thanks to you too, you have given invaluable advise to others too.

Lisa x


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