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Day 38!!!!

well here i am on day 38 cold turkey, never thought i would get this far but with the help of this forum i am determined to beat this addiction.

I also think i know where i was going wrong, i was waken up in the mornings and telling myself what if life wont be the same without smoking or what if the weekend will be rubbish because i dont smoke, or that holidays wont be the same.

I did some reading and alot of people suggest just taking it one day at a time, who knows what i will feel like tomorrow or the weekend but i am starting to tell myself if i get through today without a smoke we will see what happens tomorrow.

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Congratulations SilkySimmer - day 38 is fantastic. I'm on day 35 & some days are better than others!:(

Getting your psychological perspective right - one day at a time for you - is what it's all about & you've done very well.:)



you are doing very well also, i sometimes wish that i could just wake up and it would be like i have never smoked but i guess we got ourself into this mess so we have to get us out of it.


Well done Silky you are doing really well. You will get to a time when you won't even think about cigs.

I am a year now and I can honestly say I never think about them or want one, but it took me a long time to get here, we have been doing this a long time so it takes a while for your habit and addiction to stop.

I wish you well.:)


Thank you for the support.

I get a really good feeling when i read posts that it does get better and that is what makes me get through the hard days.




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