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Old Chinese Saying

Hi All Day 1'ers..

I was only recently where you are and am now on Day 42.. I hope you will stay focussed and join me on my journey to the 1 year Penthouse :)

To keep you motivated, I friend of mine told me that there is apparently an old (or even modern) Chinese saying which goes something like:

'Never court/date someone who has quit smoking.. they are simply too strong!'


And I'm sure you will agree that if we stay quit for life we will have an inner strength and sense of achievement and willpower that NOONE can take away from us.. WOW! An amazing benefit of quitting.

Be steadfast on your journey, stay strong and don't look back..


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Love this - ! Have been having a couple of dodgy days with cravings (even though I'm nearly at 5 months quit which is a bit annoying) - so this has been very motivational! I suddenly feel all happy and proud of myself...:p



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