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old member back with a story!!!!

hi all, i used this site in 2010, thats when i decided to quit cigs (30+ aday for 16 yrs) in the beginning the site was (is very useful), as the weeks went into months i found i was coming on here less and less not because i hated it but because i was distancing myself from my old smoking habits and in my case the site brought back memories of day 1, 2 etc!!! its now been over 12 months ive quit so i thought i wonder if any of the oldies are still on, so if you can remember me say hi!!!! to all the day oners, dont think you cant do it, say to yourself ill have one tomorrow and tomorrow never comes, but before you know it day 1 has turned into day 10, one method i did was to tell myself i never smoked, might sound daft but it does work for a while, as for the cravings well they still say hello from time to time lol but really they arnt bad, nothing like they were in 2010, in march this year im running my first triathlon its at clumber park, im running for cancer uk, if i was still a smoker i couldnt run 100 yards never mind 5 miles and biking aswell!!!! i really think you have to quit for yourself but on the bad days its nice if you have a goal just something or someone that you can say to yourself, one cig lets them down, anyway ive banged on abit now so il say cya to all, dont give up

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Congratulations - what a great story & inspiration.

Good luck in the triathlon.


Hi this time - I remember you!

Great to see that you're still going strong. Another winning forum story, hooray! :D




thats a great positive post to read :)

i know what you mean about not wanting to come on here i was the same as i didnt want the constant reminders but now i like to come on to offer support to the new quitters and reading there posts reminds me how bad it was:eek:

as you do forget those early days of what you went through


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