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Stuffing Heck!


Well, apart from that, it's Day 19 and I've nearly missed the third week part altogether.

I guess I've been updating Day 9 for far too long... then a few days away and here we are.

Things are ok... Sure there are still times when I just want to, you know, but it's not going to happen.

I slipped up a few times, 4 to be exact in the first two weeks, but now it's, well let's say over a week since the last one, I've bought no cigs since I quit, found a couple lying around and thrown some down the loo.

My chest is already thanking me, sleep seems to be for longer and more natural after years of insomnia, decades in fact, well even before I smoked and it may come back but that's life.

Eating better, put on about half a stone but I'm happy, not forgetting I wasn't quite quit for a good fortnight before my real quit so yes it's good

/ prattle

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Well done felic2012, ans a belated welcome :)

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