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Damn you day 9!!!

Morning all,

Day 9 has not started so good. A real wave of cravings which have taken me by surprise as the last couple of days has seen them tale off. A good reminder that I need to stay on my toes to beat this. It does mean that I am in a right bad mood, so people seem to be leaving me alone at the moment (so that has to be a good thing! :) )

Also got some depressing news at work which would normally be followed by me going outside for a ciggie. However on this occasion I stopped myself, and ate some chocolate instead!

Anyway, hope everyone is well and still winning their battles


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Well done for fighting the temptation... you can do it!! :D


Arrgh dellboy I will be in day 9 tomorrow so hope it won't be a baddy cos I could do without another of those lol. Glad you got through it though so well done and stay with the chocolate :D



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