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Day 46 - Just say no

Managed not to smoke or murder anyone, not sure which has been tougher.

I have not had a patch on since Friday and have had a rubbish 4 days.

Been awake last 2 nights from 2.12am, had rows with everyone I have come into contact with, could easily get a uzi 9mm and shoot everyone in my office.

Had to battle the thought of "shop for just the one bull" this morning on way to work.

Need to get some some positivity and sleep.

Cant really believe the patch has sheltered me from these feelings for past 6 or so weeks.

No way this lot easy, the right thing to do, but not easy

Moan over now to get on with it

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Hi Andrew

I am on champix but my hubby has just started patches - he is getting them for 12 weeks and the docs will gradually reduce his dose so that its not such a harsh stop - would you maybe be able to get a lose dose patch for a couple of weeks?



Hey Andrew, just hang in there. Laugh at the others that still light one up and don't stink no more!!!! You are doing something positive for your health. It will get better....promise! ppat


Hey Andrew,as others have said "hang in there"

I am a new years day quitter along with my husband and both of us went "cold turkey"

Seemed relatively easy and still say it was relatively easy,the hardest part for me was the lack of sleep!! I have always been a sleep through anything kind of girl:D but giving up the smokes completely changed that for me!

I went days into weeks without having the proper nights sleep that I craved , I popped herbal sleeping tablets,they worked but I didn't want to rely on them,I took night nurse when the dreaded cold came,that worked but all remedies did not last. Though now, I am keeping fingers crossed, I seem to have got back into my normal sleep pattern that I had before, this has lasted so far about a week and I am loving it!!!! With no sleeping aids too. Woo hoo!!!

Its a body adjusting nightmare coming off the nicotine but eventually all will fall into place and you will wonder what you moaned about!!!

Well so the penthouse lot tell me......ha ha.....joking!!!!



Fess up

Shock horror had the blip wed 6am on way to work, bought 10 smoked half of one, snapped the rest and binned. Well worth it(not), incredibly rough on throat 1st puff, 2nd one thought I used to do this all the time how can it be so rough, 3rd puff WTF am i doing, 4th puff chucked out of window.

Stuck 1/2 a patch back on and done ok since apart from all the expected things and thoughts after 1 slip (maybe next time/smoke a pack and see etc etc).

Now highly stressed about whether to go back to day 1 - Ive done 7 weeks today day 49 days with 2 blips. Day 6 and 47

Anyone who reads this NOPE is the way, I do believe in all of it but what can I Say:(


Be kind to yourself

22 yrs is a long pattern to break. Its a physical and psychological battle, just grit your teeth and keep going, it does get easier.Freedom is worth it.


I have had 2 blips since quitting too and worse than yours.If you read the recent threads on month 2 you will see.I am a new years day quitter and am sticking with that.Its all personal choice and what you are happy with.For me its much more positve to stay where I am.I do not feel like the 1st week and therefore am not going back.Please do not stress too much over this and just carry on with the quit regardless of what day you think you are on or not x


OK Andrew. Get back on the patches for a couple of days then start to wean yourself off slowly over the next month or so. Long time ago I used the patches successfully and weaned off them by cutting them in half etc so they got smaller. This worked for me - probably mostly as a crutch - but also as a stready decline of NRT over a space of time.

Your recent blips nothing and in some ways you can get something positive from it -eg a reminder of how shitty smoking tastes and smells. :)


Thanks for your comments

I'll do a half patch for another week and get my brain in gear and hopefully learn from my mistake.



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