No Smoking Day
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Made it to week 2 :) day 8

Helloo week 2 ^_^ i'm so pleased to have made it :)

I feel a bit anxious today but that may be due to hibernating haha

I havent been out of the house this week as it helps with quitting, but half term is over and i'm going back to college tomorow - that'll be a big test!

I'm going to have my electronic cigerettes though so hopefully i'll be fine :) either way i REFUSE to smoke!

Hope everyones okay xx

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Well done on making it to week 2! :D

I'm sure you will be fine going back to College. You now know you don't want to smoke anymore, so I can't see there being any problems (unless your friends arent supportive etc)

Good luck for day 8!


well done :D

two weeks is a great achievement :)

onwards and upwards is the way to go


Well done!! Its so nice to get to the 2nd week! :o


:DWell done SS heres to the next week, and good luck at college. Keep it up. Jacqui

Quit Date: 10.2.12


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