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Major Slip Up - Regret it so much

Well i stopped on 9 January, unsure how many days but it is around 6 weeks. Had a good friends birthday bash on Friday night and went on a complete bender, drinking all night through to saturday and the inevitable happened - i smoked about 15 fags. I was so drunk i didnt care!

Now i havent smoked since then but my throat is actually still sore from this experience. I am finding the last couple of days a a bit harder but i am going to ride them out and get straight back on this. The fact my throat is sore is helping me not want to smoke though. It's so disgusting yet so addictive. You smoke them knowing they are horrible but at same time 'think' you enjoy them. I never.

Think the biggest disappointment is going this far and slipping up like that but i will learn from it. Never have one because it leads to another.... fact.

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On the one hand you're a bit silly to drink so early into a quit (hey I've been there myself look back at my original posts LOL!), on the other hand congratulate yourself on not continuing to smoke the next day in my opinion, I've done this many, many times myself and always started smoking the next day. It would then take ages for me to get fed up with smoking before I tried quitting again.

Anyways, as long as you learn from it and do things differently next time. Then keep on trucking and good luck.

Lisa x


read the book "Allen Carr's easyway to stop smoking", I read it while taking champix just for the extra motivation and it really helps,

He even talks about exactly this in his book and how to deal with the situation, In his book he mentions that there is no such thing as just one cigarette and how to keep yourself out of tempting situations and its really a big help because the book prepares you for the worst.

Congrats on stopping the next day and good luck, you can do it!:)


Dont put yourself down.

Youve done well upto that night, had a little booboo and now your back on the waggon!

Keep smiling, stay positive and start again.

Just think of what you did as a learning curb, we all do daft things and learn from them.

Next time you get a craving you will think twice about actually having one.

Many of times ive actually thought, "dya know what f*** it, im just gonna have one" but then think to myself, if i do, i'll have to start the quitting process all over again! And i deffinatley dont want to do that!

Like the others have said, "keep on trucking!"

:D :D :D


i was past any motivational theories by that point! I dont tend to drink as much as i did that wkd and have 2 weeks to prepare myself for my next night out - staying in this wkd as i know for a fact i will end up in the same boat. Going to treat myself this weekend and get the motivation back :) it really was disgusting smoking though and everything stunk on me - i felt sick.


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