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OMG what a week

Well, last couple of days where hard, just curious anybody else suffering since their quit from panic attacs. Got so bad hubby forced me to go to hospital and was stuck there for over 24hours. Turns out physically iam ok but mentally a basket case :eek:.

Never had any anxiety problems or panic attacs:confused: a little of an anger problem maybe, but they always tell me that's my stubborn German side coming through:D and I think American standards consider that anger I call It venting

Well right now really relaxed gave me a bunch of meds for now and some that take a while to hit......but I crave smoking now really bad in fact since they sent me home today all I can think about is smoking.

I am arguing right now with myself don't smoke,don't smoke, don't smoke, I hope I win and don't smoke. Does not help that we have 24 hour walmart and pharmacy 2 miles away just to easy to go and pick some up :mad:

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That was one week!

Hi Grumpy1 - you certainly have had one heck of a week! However, it's over now & you're on day 28. It would be such a shame to give into cigarettes now after all you've been through. Especially since the doctors have said that physically you're ok.

Maybe your body is just adjusting to the chemical changes occurring since giving up smoking & things can only get better. According to "google" deep breathing helps too. All the best.


Hey Alabama,

I am on day 33 and last 2 weeks, I was suffering from Panic attacks, took myself to the walk in and was prescribed 2 diff meds. they made me worse though. I felt like a crazy lady. I think it's a turning point. Also, I had a flood of hormones/emotions from this quit. However, I am happy to say, Today I finally feel GOOD. For me personally, I just couldn't do it on my own strength and finally asked for God's help.

Hang in there, you're not alone ;)


Deep breathing works

Hi Nonico,

Yup deep berating sure helps been googling all day :eek: so I defiantly know now how to handle this.

Thanks for your support and you are so right I don't want to start over again.


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