day 10 and evil

Hi i am having the most awful day just rowing with my OH. Im totally bored with everything around me. Deep depression i get the hoover out and put the washing on and then i have a pop at my OH for not helping out. Im worried about my dad they have put him im a care home for 8weeks till he gets walking again the hosp put him their cos there short of beds. I spoke to him yesterday but i dont think he likes it there . I dont live nearby hes in norfolk im in staffs. But ive said to OH can we go and see him so am ringin him later. I had to share this ive been in tears today and my poor OH has had the full rant of me. But i have not had a fag and dont want one because i know my probs will still be their. Am in a emotional state of mind today. But not one fag. Jacqui:p

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    Oh Jacqui...I'm sorry you are struggling .... minute by all we can do at times....but you can do this.... thinking of you :)

  • Hi Jaqui,

    Sorry about your dad and hope he is better soon. It is hard having to worry about elderly parents I know. Don't worry about your OH though, they are there to be shouted at, could do with one myself for that purpose only :D

    Its great that you are dealing with all this without needing a fag, you really are a great inspiration :cool:

    And congrats on day 10.

    Zoe xx

  • Oh thanks for the pooh and tigger hug my fave characters Michell. And many thanks Zoe for your reply if it wasnt for this forum and you lovely people i dont know where id be. Love and ((((HUGS)))) to you both. Jacqui

  • Jacqui you were there for me last night and Capitan and Rochelle when I was on the verge, and it was really bad, panic attacks and everything ooher! Had forgotten how bad a new quit can be, but better today although I had to give myself a severe talking to. Don't think I would ever have attempted a proper quit before I joined this forum, I was too scared. Which is rediculous knowing the damage cigarettes can do. So here is to all of us, we will make the penthouse although I myself would prefer a luxury yacht sailing around some warm and sunny desert islands. Maybe the Mods can fix it for us :D:D.

    Zoe xx

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